Three Orangery Project Budgets

Do it yourself:

 New OrangeryIf you have a construction background, the time, physical ability and permitting knowledge a do it your self-project may save you up to 40% of your total orangery project. A sample of tools you should have access to and understand how to use include but are not limited to the following: a measuring tape, metal break, cordless screw gun, circular saw, level, framing square and caulk gun.

General Contracting:

If you have an understanding of the construction process, time, permitting knowledge and the ability to schedule and coordinate trades, general contracting may save you up to 20% of your orangery budget.

Turn Key:

How much would and average size orangery cost?

Turn key is if you are willing to fully compensate the most qualified orangery specialist in your geographic area to handle the orangery project. You should expect top quality, knowledgeable service from the design phase, engineering, permitting, pre-construction meeting, construction process and final walk through.

There are many degrees between general contracting and turn key to explore. If you have strength in an area or would like to take an aspect of the project on yourself consider any savings that may be realized.

Many orangery companies in order to sell more orangery’s are willing to help increase your probability of success if you decide on a do it yourself or general contracting option. Orangery companies are able to provide engineered plans for the foundation and orangery that may be required by the building department. The electric can be put on the plans. Some companies will even walk you through the permitting process.

How Much Should I spend on a New Orangery?